Potential New Years Eve Storm Possible

Many parts of the North East have been treated to a White Christmas this year but what about New Years? There remains the potential for a Nor’Easter to form off or on the East Coast this New Years Eve but a couple of things will have to happen in order for this scenario to take place.

The GFS shows the center of the system offshore but this could change and a storm could track either closer to the coast or farther offshore.

Regardless of the Nor’Easter, snow is likely in the Midwest later this week and a even the south may be looking at some winter weather as a potential ice storm develops. Areas such as Louisiana, Atlanta, the Carolina’s and even the coastal areas are at risk.

The Arctic Blast of cold air that the country is experiencing will enhance the chance of the ice storm. The future of the Nor’Easter lies in how the two storms interact with each other. It is still too early for any specifics but if you live in either the South East or the North East, keep an eye on the weather for the New Years holiday.

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