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The latest live Radar from various locations throughout Florida. Click on the appropriate tab to view the latest images. Images will automatically refresh about every 60 seconds..The images from the server will update according to the mode of operation. For example, a radar in clear air mode will only update about once every 10 minutes while a radar in Storm Mode will update about every 4 minutes. Radar Status Page.
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Includes Melbourne, Miami, Jacksonville, Key West, Tallahassee and Tampa Bay
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Watch Box Legend
Tornado Watch
PDS Tornado Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Watch
PDS Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Tornado Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Flood/Flash Flood Warning
Special Marine Warning
51 Yellow Numbers: Temperature
41 White Numbers: Dew Point
Flood Advisory
Small Craft Advisory
Flash Flood Watch
41 Orange Numbers: Wind Speed
Lake Wind Advisory
Freeze Watch
Freeze Warning
In addition to the watch boxes, the radar will display realtime lightning strikes as well as local storm reports. The radar will also include current frontal systems and METAR readings from many reporting stations throughout Florida. If a tropical system threatens Florida, hurricane tracks and model runs will appear on the radar map as well.

The blue "flags" on the map indicate the wind speed at the METAR station location at the time the station reported in.
Our live radars are broadcast 24 hours a day from our own servers. We have been providing these radar images and animated loops for amost 12 years! Our radars do not use smoothing when they are displayed on your screen. You aee all the original data as it is processed by our software and displayed on your screen. Smoothing is used by most TV stations and news channells to give the radar smoother lines for viewing on television. Some accuracy can be lost with that process. All our Florida radar images display the information in the same way it is received from the NWS servers.
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