Another Nor’Easter Threatens the North East

With the threat increasing for another Nor’Easter this Wednesday and Thursday in New England, folks should be getting ready for another round of power outages. In some cases, there are still people that have not got their power back from the last storm. it is possible that some part of the North East could have blizzard warnings. The following snow model shows some decent plowable snow coming to most areas.

Although nothing like the last system wind wise (at least right now) the Nor’Easter will have the capability of causing more coastal flooding, especially since much of the infrastructure is already damaged. Please stock up on food and batteries (do not use candles!) in case of power outages. The snow that falls will be of the heavy and wet variety. This type of snowfall can bring down tree limbs onto branches creating outages. The last system caused extensive damage to many power grids in Massachusetts. Crews are still working around the clock to get everybody restored before the next blow.

According to the latest models, the GFS is showing some gusts near 50 MPH around Boston but is keeping things in the 30 to 40 MPH range in many other locations. Even with the lower wind speeds, heavy and wet snow on the trees and power lines could cause lots of outages.

The models were showing some crazy wind speeds with the last system. Also note that the isobars are farther apart with this system then they were with Riley. This generally indicates a weaker storm

After this, we have another threat coming again next Monday. We will not discuss that one until later this week.

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