Road Closures For The State Of Florida
Realtime List Of Roads That Are Closed Or Partially Closed

Florida Emergency Operations Center
State Emergency Operations Center

Hurricane Awareness Information
Florida Hurricane Awareness- Be Prepared!!

Shelter Information For all Of Florida   Storm Surge Maps
These Pages Include Realtime Shelter Information For all Of Florida Plus Storm Surge Maps For The Treasure Coast.

List of All Current Hazardous Conditions In Florida
Florida Emergency management Hazards Page--List of all Florida hazardous conditions including Nuclear Power Plants!

Official Florida Weather Page
Florida Weather Page--Includes all National Weather Service Links and Local hurricane Links. Great Site!! Also includes Satellite Imagry!!

Latest Satellite Imagry

NASA Satellite Server--Satellite Imagry.

Just For Fun-See Your Neighborhood From a Satellite View
Microsoft Terra Server---Find a satellite view of your house!!

Doppler 12000 Desktop Radar!
Track the Storm on Your Desktop with Doppler 12000 90 second Automatic Updates!!!

Your Personal Hurricane Survival Guide!!

Emercency Management Web Sites......
Martin County
St. Lucie County
Okeechobee County

Joe's Disco Weather Central Local Information Page
Local Storm information When a hurricane is imminent. This is the place to be.
Latest Watches and Warnings