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USA Doppler Radar Loops
The latest live Radar from various locations throughout the US. Click on the appropriate tab to view the latest loops. Loops will automatically refresh about every 60 seconds..The images from the server will update according to the mode of operation. For example, a radar in clear air mode will only update about once every 10 minutes while a radar in Storm Mode will update about every 4 minutes. To ZOOM, Left click on the screen. Right click will ZOOM OUT. To PAN the radar while zoomed in, LEFT click and hold. See Watch Box Legend Below Radar.
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N Carolina
New York City
New Orleans.
Washington DC
Watch Box Legend
Tornado Watch
PDS Tornado Watch
Severe Thunderstorm Watch
PDS Severe Thunderstorm Watch
Tornado Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Flood/Flash Flood Warning
Special Marine Warning
51 Yellow Numbers: Temperature
41 White Numbers: Dew Point
Los Angeles, CA